What we care about

Ethical advice in your best interests

  • Assurance Vic Advisory Service Pty Ltd is not owned by a bank, super fund or financial product provider, meaning as a client, you receive expert Financial Advice in YOUR best interests to enhance your financial position, and products are determined purely on what is most suitable to you rather than pre-ordained by the owning super fund or financial product provider.
  • At Assurance Vic, we understand that our success is intrinsically linked to the success of our clients reaching their goals.  We aim to ensure customer satisfaction by providing advice that enhances the financial and personal prosperity of our membership. Our service generates a great deal of its membership from word of mouth referrals from our appreciative and satisfied clientele.


  • At Assurance Vic Advisory Service Pty Ltd, we personally take interest in environmental issues. As director David Goodwin is a wildlife enthusiast who loves the great outdoors and the creatures that roam. The emblem bird of Assurance Vic is the Golden Helmeted Honeyeater, which is the state bird and also happens to be critically endangered. The future of the Golden Helmeted Honeyeater and many other endangered creatures in both Australia and Internationally are subject matters that David has personally supported.


  • David has been a financial supporter of a number of health and well-being charities which include the MND foundation, Parkinson’s Victoria, the Breast Cancer Network, Anzac Appeal and Blue Ribbon foundations, all of which have deep personal meaning to him and Assurance Vic Advisory Service Pty Ltd.


  • David is a passionate sports fan who, after retiring from playing football (Australian Rules) has at various times coached local football teams, and keeps a keen eye on all the teams he has been involved with, along with the AFL. David is also a keen observer of most other sports and outdoor activities.